Large Formation over Oshkosh, photo by Chet Wehe, airwork credit Carl Brownd

Welcome to Formation Flying, Inc. FFI's mission is to promote and support safe, standards-based formation flying at airshows or Aviation Events that operate under a Certificate of Waiver. FFI is a Recognized Industry Organization accredited by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to evaluate pilots seeking Industry credentials to fly in formation in such airspace.

FFI develops and maintains flying standards, procedures and airshow operations education documentation. We are also invested in the airshow industry, engaging with the FAA, ICAS, FAST and others in matters affecting formation standards, training and safety.

While FFI does not directly sponsor or sanction formation training organizations, there are many groups around the country that train to FFI standards.  Pilots participating in such training are supported by experienced and credentialed pilots who have demonstrated the skills to pass a rigorous FFI checkride and airshow knowledge evaluation.

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