Program Manual

FFI derives its authority from this document, which is submitted to and accepted by the FAA as part of a recurrent accreditation process.  All FFI compliant training and evaluations are in accordance with the Program Manual V3 FEB 10 2018

Formation Guide

Flying procedures and standards are critically important to formation operations. The Formation Guide V3.2 MAR 15 2020 is a definitive source and an essential HOW-TO of safe formation flying. While the Guide assumes a Vans RV type aircraft, the prevalance of other aircraft used in formation flying have resulted in the development of Type Supplements. These, and other Supplement categories complement, and are intended to be used along with the Guide.

Evolving formation standards and safety requirements have demanded changes to the Guide over the years. Some pilots have had difficulty adopting those changes, and certain common errors are frequently encountered.  The Summary of Changes and Common Errors JUL 2018 will help experienced formation pilots and newbies alike avoid those errors.

Type Supplements

Bonanza FFI Supplement V7 JUL 20 2019
Mooney FFI Supplement V15 Jan 20 2020
LongEZ/Varieze FFI Formation Supplement V2 AUG 15 2018

Airshow Operations Supplement

This document helps an aspiring airshow pilot learn the unique regulations and procedural requirements he or she can expect to encounter when flying at airshows or Aviation Events that are conducted under a Certificate of Waiver (CoW, or "waivered airspace").  Pilots seeking an FFI checkride must be fully versed in, and able to discuss all aspects of the
Airshow Ops Supplement FEB 10 2018

Evaluation Supplement

The documentation, standards and forms required to conduct an FFI checkride for a Wingman, Flight Lead or Check Pilot credential, upgrade a Flight Lead for a Large Formation Flight Lead endorsement, and the FFI Annual Activity Report, have been compiled into the
Evaluation Supplement FEB 10 2018

Other Documents

FAA Order 8900.1 Volume 3, Chapter 6, Section 1 CHG 694 Revised 02/27/2020
AIM guidance regarding transponder and ADS-B usage in formation (see para 4-1-20(a)(5))
FAA National Aviation Events Program Resources
FFI 8900.1 Airshow Education
2019 FAA Letter of Authorization for FFI Program and Manual revision 3.0


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FFI Program Manual
FFI Formation Guide
FFI Airshow Ops Supplement
FFI Evaluation Supplement