Clinic Application (now closed for 2022)

We recognize that there is more demand for this type of training than can be provided at a single clinic event. Additionally due to the late start this year, we believe the clinic will have to be smaller than previous years. Therefore, please submit an application with your current information. If necessary, we will select participants from this group, and establish a wait list for all others. When we can provide confirmation of a spot, you will receive an e-mail and invitation to an event mailing list, as well as having your name posted in the participants page.

Any questions regarding applications may be directed to one of the WCFC Admin team contacts here.

NOTE: You must be well studied on formation procedures and techniques prior to attending the clinic. You don't have to have flown any formation, but you must do your homework so that your ground school and flight time is as productive as possible. Before submitting your application, please review the requirements on the preparation page.

This clinic is for one or two-place, high performance RV models (RV-3/4/6/7/8/9/14). We cannot accommodate other aircraft types unless explicitly authorized by the clinic organizers. If you are not yet formation solo-qualified, your aircraft should have dual flight controls, including throttle and rudder. If you think you have justification for an exception to any of the above, or if you have an RV-3 and are not yet cleared for solo formation, please contact us.

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Novice (cleared for 2-ship solo)
Intermediate (cleared for 4-ship solo)
Advanced (4-ship at FFI eval standards)
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