FFI and FAST maintain procedures which are interoperable, and each formally recognizes the other with reciprocity of privilege. The FAST Formation Pilot's Knowledge Guide may be useful to those who frequently fly with FAST credentialed pilots, or simply want to be as informed as possible on all available Recognized Industry Organization documentation.

If you have an organization or regular event that sponsors or promotes formation flying to FFI standards, please contact us with relevant information. This is provided as an assistance to interested pilots in locating formation training activities, and does not constitute sponsorship or endorsement of any organization or entity.

www.rvformation.com An aggregation of resources supporting formation training to FFI standards and related activities. Includes an opt-in mailing list and a calendar with a pilot roster

West Coast Formation Clinic The WCFC, aka "Madera" is the Big Clinic in the West for RV pilots training to FFI standards. Usually scheduled in late April. 2018 is the WCFC 10th anniversary!