Formation Flying Incorporated (FFI) has produced the "RV Formation Guidelines and Standard Procedures" manual. This is the definitive source for the HOW TO of safe formation flying. If you plan to attend any FFI endorsed clinics, this manual is more than a must read -- it is a MUST KNOW. Memorize the content of this document.

The West Coast Ravens flying team has put together a training guidelines document that supplements the FFI document.

A pilot that wishes to receive an endorsement or "card" from FFI will be evaluated to the Standards and Proficiency Program for the wingman, lead and check pilot categories. In order to fly in FAA waivered airspace in formation, you must pass this checkride.

Your FFI card is subject to expiration at the end of each calendar year. In order to have it renewed without a new checkride, you must complete the FFI Annual Activity Report.  Procedures for completing and submitting the AAR are here.